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Incentivizing punks to become CEOs

Which punk would you like to see become the next CEO of the CryptoPunks? Sometimes there may not be enough incentives for a punk to become the CEO, here we use a smart contract to offer additional incentives for potential CEOs, in a decentralized and transparent way!

There can be 20 bribes proposed at one time. Anybody can add their CIG to an existing proposal, or start a new one.

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Sometimes a punk needs a little encouragement

This is a new feature designed to help any punk who wants to take/retain the CEO title, but perhaps does not have enough CIG, or just needs that extra bit of encouragement. All on-chain, transparent and crowd-funded, of course!

The contract has been verified here: https://etherscan.io/address/0xea04ef2a959bfdb72c52074eb6d283f8338390fb#code
The UI may still be a little rough.

Basically works like this: Anybody can add a new bribe proposal for any punk to be a CEO. Currently, the minimum 300k CIG, this is to prevent overflowing the proposal slots, as there can only be 40 proposal at a time.

Once a proposal has been created, others can add their CIG to it too.

Only the punk who is subject of a bribe proposal can accept the bribe! This punk must also be a CEO. Once the punk accepts the bribe, they will be able to claim all the CIG offered in the bribe, using a linear vesting schedule.

The punk can only claim the bribe while they remain a CEO. If they lose the CEO title, the CIG in the bribe may be burned. (So they must be careful not to lose the CEO spot over the next 10 days) Only one bribe can be accepted at a time.

Bribe proposals expire after 30 days of no activity (if someone adds more CIG to a proposal, it will reset the expiry counter) Refunds can be done if a bribe expires.

Please switch to Ethereum Mainnet

CEO of CryptoPunks

Welcome to the CEO of CryptoPunks. Please change your network to Ethereum mainnet

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Liquidity Mining - stake SushiSwap CIG/ETH LP tokens

Here you can stake your SushiSwap Liquidity Pool tokens (SLP) for the CIG/ETH pool

Adding and removing SLP tokens harvests any pending CIG tokens.

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