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Rescue 🚁 Mission

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Rescuing those who missed the upgrade

A snapshot has been taken on block 14148801 which recorded all the balances of addresses that missed the upgrade. This included old-CIG balances in the Sushi pool, and in all, about 13% of all circulating CIG missed the upgrade. The "RESCUE MISSION" contract has been funded with donated CIG, which is used to extend the upgrade. Due to limited donated CIG available, we would need to ration the CIG for all the wallets. In the beginning, everyone will be able to claim 100k CIG max. Every 10 days, the cap will increase by 100k. So after 10 days, the cap will be 200K, 30 days, 300k, and so on. You will need your old-CIG to upgrade, which will be swapped for new CIG! (Full snapshot data here)

Until next 100k cap increase: ⌛
Donated CIG Pool


Claim Cap


Old-CIG ⇒ Upgraded-CIG

Exchange old-CIG to new-CIG.
Please approve the "RESCUE MISSION" contract to use your old CIG tokens first.

Cannot upgrade all your old-CIG: You do not have enough Old-CIG

Cannot upgrade all your old-CIG: Not enough new CIG in the donation pool.

⚠️ You are still staking your old LP tokens! Go to the old page here to unstake. After unstaking, make sure to go to Sushi and withdraw your liquidity.

⚠️ You still have some tokens in Sushi! Go to Sushi and withdraw your liquidity.

You still have ⌛ old LP tokens deposited in the old contract. Please don't forget to withdraw them here, then remove liquidity from Sushi

Upgrade Info

Your total old-CIG amount taken at snapshot


Amount you upgraded already


Old-CIG in your wallet


Maximum CIG you can upgrade now
Upgradable Now


Please switch to Ethereum Mainnet

CEO of CryptoPunks

Welcome to the CEO of CryptoPunks. Please change your network to Ethereum mainnet

CEO of CryptoPunks

Here is the current CEO. Punk ⌛. There can only be 1 CEO. Would you like to be the CEO? You can take over for ⌛ CIG.

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Cigarette Factroy

Where cigarettes go brrrrr™


Earn CIG by working at the factory

Stake CIG/ETH SushiSwap LP tokens for CIG rewards. You will get your LP tokens after adding liquidity on Sushi. Then approve and deposit them here to earn CIG rewards!

CIG price


LP price


Your Stake
Your Share

Get to Work

Deposit to stake

New Recruits

  1. Go to Sushi, add CIG and ETH Liquidity
  2. Come back here, stake your LP tokens
  3. Collect your CIG wages

Your LP tokens represent your share of the pool. Additionally, you will be earning 0.25% on all swap fees


Withdraw all ⌛ LP tokens
ℹ️ Balances are too stale, please do a Harvest first!

Factory Office

Wages Earned
It is not possible to do partial withdrawals. Also, any unharvested CIG reward will be forfeited when withdrawing, so make sure to Harvest before you withdraw

📕 The Induction Manual

If you have a punk, then use it to claim 100,000 Cigarettes. These can be used to buy the CEO title to become the CEO of the CryptoPunks. The CEO title comes with two perks: ability to set a "graffiti" message and the ability to increase or decrease the issuance rate of the CIG token itself. You can also set what price the CEO title will cost. Be careful, anybody else can take your CEO title by buying it. Set the price too low, and someone will take it, set it too high, and you would need to pay a higher tax. Each time the title is bought, the tokens will be burned. (This is what's known as a harberger tax)

There will be 1 billion CIG tokens minted and sent to the CryptoPunks contract for claiming. Each punk can claim 100k CIG.

The issuance will be 1000 CIG per block at the beginning, where new CIG will be issued and distributed as Liquidity Mining rewards. The CEO will be able to change it by 20% after every 14400 blocks. The result of the change must always be between 1000 and 0.0001 CIG. This means that the issuance can never be more than 1000 per block, or less than 0.0001 CIG per block.

There is no tax or fee on transfers or trading. The game element is completely optional.

No Admin keys / "team allocations" / VCs. (The Admin keys are used for deployment and burned after)

The CEO has great power and responsibility, which is the ability to control the issuance of the CIG token itself. (Provided that the changes are made within the bounds allowed by the contract.)

The second benefit is the graffiti message, where the CEO will be allowed to set with their custom message.

Finally, an NFT will be transferred to the CEO. This is a 1/1 NFT, which only the current CEO holds. Only the CEO can change the metadata of this NFT, if they want, (but cannot sell or transfer it).

New Cigarettes are made in the Cigarette Factory at every block.

Newly made cigarettes are distributed as rewards to those who stake their CIG/ETH Sushi Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens.

To get these LP tokens, you will need to Add Liquidity to the CIG/ETH pool on Sushi.

Staking is optional and is not needed to participate, it is just a way to reward liquidity providers who take on the increased risk.

  1. Anybody can buy the CEO title at any time using Cigarettes. (The currency of the cryptopunks)
  2. When buying the CEO title, you must nominate a punk, set the price and pre-pay the tax.
  3. The CEO title can be bought from the existing CEO at any time.
  4. To remain a CEO, a daily tax needs to be paid.
  5. The tax is 0.1% of the price to buy the CEO title, to be charged per epoch.
  6. The CEO can be removed if they fail to pay the tax (by calling the burnTax method). A reward of CIGs is paid to the whistleblower. The reward, (paid in CIG), is the amount by which the CEO defaulted.
  7. After Removing a CEO: A dutch auction is held, where the price will decrease 10% every half-an-epoch.
  8. The price can be changed by the CEO at any time. (Once per block)
  9. An epoch is 7200 blocks. (About hours, if block-time is )
  10. All the Cigarettes from the sale are burned.
  11. All tax is burned
  12. After buying the CEO title, the old CEO will get their unspent tax deposit refunded
  13. The CEO can increase or decrease the CIG farming block reward by 20% every 2nd epoch! However, note that the issuance can never be more than 1000 CIG per block, also never under 0.0001 CIG.
  14. THE CEO gets to hold a NFT in their wallet. There will only ever be 1 NFT. The purpose of this NFT is so that everyone can see that they are the CEO when viewing their wallet. IMPORTANT: This NFT will be revoked once the CEO title changes. Also, the NFT cannot be transferred by the owner, the only way to transfer is for someone else to buy the CEO title! (Think of this NFT as similar to a "title belt" in boxing.)

The contract's source code has been verified on Etherscan, but it hasn't been formally audited. In the currently deployed contract, there is a bug with the withdraw function, and a backup function is used instead as a workaround, (hence it's not possible to partially withdraw the stake, only all at once) .

A lot of unit tests were prepared for the contract, however, some things such as the "Game Theory" are impossible to test, unless real incentives are used. e.g. There is no way to predict if the CEO will decrease issuance, but it's assumed that if the CEO is a large CIG holder, then they would want to decrease issuance over time.

The contract is not upgradable, and ownership is renounced shortly after deployment. This means that the contract will run autonomously without the author's intervention forever.

In the beginning, there might not be much liquidity for the token, so keep that in mind. This means the price could be very volatile as even smallest trades can significantly move the spot price.

Please exercise caution especially at the beginning.

Why not incorporate the CEO of CryptoPunks in your contracts as an additional "perk" for the CEO? Some ideas:

  • A %1 voting power boost in your protocol
  • Ability for the CEO to change some part of your website, eg. if you are running a NFT marketplace, let the CEO choose their recommended NFTs
  • Let the CEO call the "red tape" methods in your contracts. "Red tape" methods are methods that are called to launch a contract or complete some other predefined initialization, but are otherwise symbolic, similar to a politician who "cuts the red tape" when something opens.
  • Similar to the above idea, let the CEO be the first to do something when you launch. So if you launched a 10k pfp, let the CEO have the first pick
  • Let the CEO have the final say whenever a proposal in your protocol should pass, in other words, "veto" rights.
  • Let the CEO control a parameter by allowing them to raise or lower it by small incidents. Eg. Raise or lower the fees by a few basis points every week.

How? You can read what address is the CEO by querying The_CEO variable on the contract. You can also read other variables, such as CEO_tax_balance (amount the CEO prepaid), taxBurnBlock(block number of CEO's last tax burn) and finally the CEO_price (take-over price set by the CEO).

Why might you read the additional values? These will allow you to determine how serious the CEO is, and how long they have been a CEO. Eg. if the CEO_price is high, and they have prepaid enough CIG to stay CEO for 14 epochs, and already been a CEO for 7 epochs, then you know that the CEO is really smoking their CIG hard ;-)

The CEO cannot really fake these values without burning CIG or being taken over. Eg. if they set a high take-over price, they will need to put up a lot of their CIG to be burned. Likewise, set too low, and another CEO will take them over. Which is why you would tend to trust figures from a CEO who has been longer in the position.

This leads to another question! Could the CEO-title price be used as a type of oracle in other contracts? It may! For example, it could be used as a way to set the price of an asset, by using the weighted average price of the CEO-title as an anchor. However, one of the limitations is that the current contract doesn't record the block-number for when the price was changed last, so a workaround would be to read the taxBurnBlock value and give higher weight based on the difference: CurrentBlock - taxBurnBlock

Note that anybody can call the method that burns the CEO's tax, so it's possible that the taxBurnBlock could be set to the current block number at any time, which is another limitation for implementing an oracle. Although this method doesn't give any benefit to the caller, other than burning gas, unless the CEO is going to default, then the caller gets a reward in CIG for their trouble. (Perhaps if this contract was designed differently, it should not allow burnTax() to be called by anyone unless it would result in a default. Also, recording the block number for when the CEO last changed the price could have also been helpful)

Finally, a word of caution: it's totally possible for a CEO to be in only for as little as 1 block, so if you allow the CEO to change something, be aware of this gotcha! To work around this, you could take the difference Block Number - taxBurnBlock and make sure it's at least, say, 14400 blocks!

📊 CIG Token Info

Token Address
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CIG Total Supply
CIG LP Rewards
CIG per block
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Deploy Rescue Contract



Liquidity Mining - stake SushiSwap CIG/ETH LP tokens

Here you can stake your SushiSwap Liquidity Pool tokens (SLP) for the CIG/ETH pool

Adding and removing SLP tokens harvests any pending CIG tokens.

Admin functions